2016-17 SAAC Newsletter

What is SAAC?

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents the Division III student-athlete voice in the Division III governance structure by:

  • reviewing legislation
  • identifying significant student-athlete issues
  • implementing national student-athlete based initatives
  • encouraging community outreach
  • enhancing Division III student-athlete involvement and understanding of Division III

SAAC is also the committee that is primarily responsible for maintaining and coordinating the division’s nationwide partnership with Special Olympics.                                                          

The committee meets in-person once a month in January, April, July and November. It also conducts teleconferences as needed.

SAAC at Earlham College

The Earlham College Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is composed of sophomore, junior, and senior representatives from each program. There are two representatives from each team.

Functions of Earlham College SAAC:

  1. To promote constant communication (i.e., suggestions, problems, wants, needs, etc.) between the student-athletes at EC and athletic administration.

  2. To represent the views and ideas of the Earlham student-athletes at HCAC and campus conversations.

  3. To encourage student-athlete involvement on campus and in the community.

  4. To design programs that will encourage academic success, social responsibility and awareness of the needs of the entire student body.



Carley Carpenter

SAAC President


Abbey Smith

SAAC Vice President


Maite Turlings

SAAC Secretary 


Dorian Holmes

HCAC Representative